Admission notice 2023-24 (For B.Sc. 3rd & 5th Semester Students)

(Last date of admission – 12th August 2023)

It is hereby notified to all the students of B.Sc. 3rd & 5th Semester that they have to take admission in their respective semester within 12th August 2023.

Students must produce the previous year admission receipt during the time of admission.

Further, as per the instruction of Govt. of Assam, the admission will be made under fee waiver scheme to the students who took admission under this scheme in the previous year as well as fulfilled the following guidelines.

Conditions for fee waiver admission:

  1. Student’s family income must be less than 2.0 lacs.
  2. Student has to submit a Self declaration that no member of his/her family hold any post of Govt./Semi Govt./Govt. undertaking Service.
  3. Previous semester attendance must not be less than 75%.
  4. Student must not have any carry over course in the previous semesters.
  5. Copy of Mark Sheets of all previous semester Examination to be produced during the time of admission.
  6. Student has to submit a photograph of the tree planted during the time of admission in the 1st Semester.

Fees for Admission:

Admission fee                      : Rs. 4960.00 (Four thousand Nine hundred Sixty) only.

For fee waiver students   : Rs. 650.00 (Rupees Six hundred Fifty) only.