Hariprasad Nath


Name of Employee HARI PRASAD NATH
Educational Qualification MSc in Chemistry
Specialisation Inorganic
Phone No. & Email ID 9435235072 Email ID- hariprasadnath108@gmail.com
Date of Birth 18-04-1969
Date of Joining 06-07-1995
Date of Superannuation 30-04-2029
Workshop Attended (i). National Worksop on application of Matlab and  Mathematica  on from 27 April to 3rd May 2015 in Bahona College Bahona, Jorhat

(ii). Workshop in KU on Advanced in Nanostructured Materials: Application and Pospectives.1st and 2ndJune, 2016

(iii). Workshop in Jaya Gogoi college on implementation of CBCS . 3rd December 2016

(iv). Joined State Level Workshop on Assessment and accreditation of quality in Degree Colleges of Assam27th Feb’2017 organized by IQAC CNB College

(v). Joined Indian IETF Capacity Buiding Program Edition 4. 2017, Kaziranga University

(vi). Workshop in JDSG COLLEGE on implemation of CBCS in the U.G.level under Dibrugarh University.27th April 2018.

Conference attended International Conference on Environment and Ecology,  St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi on 27th to 29th March, 2017
Seminar Attended (i).National seminar: Paper presentation in a National seminar organised by DR College Golaghat on 22nd and 23rd sept 2017. The title of the paper is- Effect of Transition Metals on the Pyrolytic Decomposition Behaviour of Bamboo

(ii). National seminar: Paper  presentation in a National  Seminar organized by  CNB College,  Bokakhat on 28th and 29th June 2019. The title of this paper is-Effect of biomass additions on pyrolysis, kinetics & mechanisms of high sulfur Assam coal.

(iii). National seminar: Paper presentation in National seminar organized by CNB College, Bokakhat on 28th and 29th June 2019 on Bioremediation for arsenic removal from drinking water by Water Hyacinth, Water lettuce and Duck weed

(iv). International Conference: Presented a paper in an International  Seminar organised by CSIR-NEIST,  Jorhat  on Feb20-22,2020 and title of the paper is- Thermogravimetric pyrolysis kinetics of transition metal impregnated bamboo based on combined kinetics.

Orientation UGC HRDC, Gauhati University. From 15th December 2018 to  11th  January 2019
Refresher Cource UGC HRDC, Gauhati University. From 22nd march 2017 to   11th April 2017


UGC HRDC, Aligarh Muslim University, AligarhFrom3rd Sept. to 18 Sept 2020.

Research Paper Published (i).One paper was published in the journal of Bioresource Technology Report .The title is-Assessments of pyrolysis kinetics & mechanisms of biomass Residues using Thermogravimetry. Bioresour Techn-ology Report 2018; 4:40-49. ISSN-0960-8524

(ii). A paper was published in the journal, Fuel. The title of the paper is- Effect of Biomass addition on the kinetics, mechanisms &   thermodynamics of a high sulfur  coal  devolatilization. Fuel, ISSN-0016-2361

(iii) One paper is accepted by the journal of Bioresource Technology Report. The title of the paper is Removal  of methylene blue from water using okra mucilage modified biochar. Ref No:.BITEB-21-00021R1

Book Chapter Published (i).Effect of transition metal on the pyrolysis decomposition behaviour of bamboo. Reflection, Purbyon publication Editors: U.Kalita, D.Kakati and D.Patgiri. ISBN:978-9388593-16-8.

(ii). Bioremediation for Arsenic removal from drinking water by water hyacinth. Book of Proceeding,published by Organising committee,national seminar CNB College,Bokakhat, Edited by: Hari Prasad Nath, Phalgun Chetia, Pankaj Kalita. ISBN-978-8-941574-0-3

Article Published One article is published as departmental profile in Rupali Abhigayn, souvenir of Silver Jubilee, CNB College, Bokakhat.
Other Activities (i). Completed MRP on  Bioremediation for Arsenic (As) removal from Drinking Water funded by University Grant Commission from 2016 to 2018.

(ii). Completed short term course on value based education from AMU, Aligarh.

(iii).Completed FDP offered by the spoken tutorial project, IIT Bombay, funded by the national mission on education through ICT, MHRD, Govt. of India.

(iv).Editing Book of Proceeding, published by Organising committee,national seminar, CNB College, Bokakhat with ISBN-978-8-941574-0-3

(v) Editing Rupali Abhigayn, souvenir of Silver Jubilee, CNB College, Bokakhat.

(vi). Appreciated by SDO (Civil) of Bokakhat Sub-division for the preparation and distribution of sanitizer during Lockdown period for Covid-19.

(vii). Appreciated by Assam State Blood Transfusion Council, Govt. of Assam for Blood donation.