Our Vision & Mission

Science is like a dynamite which can be used for breaking mountains of human obstacles. Science has brought tremendous improvement in information, education, defense, space exploration, medical science, industries, agriculture, food production etc. So, science is a great tool in our hands which can be twisted to suit us. Real social progress will remain a mirage, if a large segment of our population remains uneducated, poor and sick. CNB College which is guided by the spirit of scientific view and passion for removing social disparity by undertaking activities in area like education, agriculture, self employment, health care etc.
Even though the scientific advancement of the modern day has reached its zenith, only a handful of people has affixed themselves to science education. In a state like Assam and more specifically in an economically and educationally backward place like Bokakhat the indifference to science education is quite natural.
We humbly appeal to all our fellow citizens to stand by us in our mission that envisages a happy and properous humanity.