Department of Chemistry

Chemistry is the branch of science which deals with the properties of matter, changes in matter and principles which describe these changes. Chemistry is an experimental science. Knowledge about chemistry has increased so much during the last century that chemists usually specialize in one of the fields of several branches. Different branches of chemistry are physical chemistry, analytical Chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, nuclear chemistry, biochemistry. There is strong interaction between chemistry and other branches of science and therefore, a large number of branches of chemistry such as geo-chemistry, agricultural chemistry have also come into existence. Chemistry plays very significant role in every aspect of life. Chemistry has some important application in various fields like medicine, clothing, industry in various fields like medicine, clothing, industry and it is more important in every day life.

Due to the lack of science studies within a large distance from Dergaon to Kaliabor and the necessity to provide students the above mentioned scope, the CNB College introduce chemistry as a Major subject. The CNB College has a well-equipped laboratory and this helps the students to explore the various field of chemistry. It is expected that the chemistry department of our college will be given contribution to the Human Resource Development.

The Department is started in 2008-09 and achieved university permission in the year of 2008.