Department of Mathematics

CNB College, Bokakhat introduced Mathematics as major course in 1998. It is the only college having Mathematics as major course in both Bokakhat and Dhansiri sub-divisions of Golaghat district. The Mathematics Department have saturated faculty members. They are from different Universities having different specializations. They are studious and energetic.

From the very beginning, faculty members have been working hard for development of quality and skills of the students. For internal quality development of the students at school level and secondary level also mathematics department has organized mathematics exhibition, popular mathematics talks etc. in the college premise. They also visit different institutions and deliver lectures on Mathematics, specially to get rid of math phobia and to develop math anxiety. The faculty members also deliver talks to the teacher training camps like Sankardev Sishu Niketon under Bidya Bharati, TET qualified and newly appointed teachers and giving them tips and making mathematics interesting among the students and encouraging them towards mathematics. Faculty members are also engaged in numerous training process, offering their aid to various programmes organized by colleges, working on the awareness of the SC/ST candidates regarding their participation and probabilities and possibilities in competitive examinations.

Thus Mathematics Department have been playing a vital role in the human resource development in the near by area and trying their best to continue it.

Dr Rubul Bora

Head of the Department

Ph. No. 9435436175