Dr. Bidyut Boruah

 Dr. Bidyut Boruah.

Curriculum Vitae

Name  :                                    Dr. Bidyut Boruah.

Educational Qualification:    M.Sc., Ph.D.

Specialisation:                        Ramanujan’s Number theory

Phone No. and Email ID:     +919435235079, +919101057648

                                                bboruahbkt@gmail.com   bidyut_boruah@yahoo.co.in

Date of Birth:                       27.02.1977

Date of Joining:                   11.01.2000

Date of Superannuation:     27.02.2037

Academic award/ Distinction

(1). 1st Class 3rd  position in B.Sc under Dibrugarh University, 1997.

(2). 1st Class 2nd position in M.Sc. under Tezpur University, 1999.

Ph.D.:          June, 2014. Thesis Title- “Arithmetic Identities of the Co-efficients of  Some ThetaFunctions and Colored Partition  Identities”, under Tezpur University.

Other Qualification:

PGDHE( Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education) From IGNOU, 2018

Minor Research Project:

A MRP funded by UGE(NERO):  Completed (2016—2018)

Title of Project: ‘Partition identities arising from Ramanujan’s theta functions and modular equations’

UGC approval letter no. and date no. F.5= 107/2015=16/MRP/NERO/1880 27th March 2016

FIP/ OC: 01

  • Mizoram University ( From 6th July to 26th July 2021)

RC:  01

  • Pondichery University ( From 7th July to 20th July 2022)

FDP:    01

  • “Application of Mathematics in Business and Social Sciences” ( 18th March-24th March, 2021) organised by Department of Mathematics and IQAC, Miranda House, University of Delhi.

Workshop attended:     

(1). February 9th to 11th, 1999, Tezpur University, “Introductory Image Processing and Astronomical Applications”, IUCAA, Pune.

(2). August 2nd and 3rd, 2002, Dibrugarh University, “Quality Improvement trough Self-Study, Assessment and Accreditation”, NAAC, Pune.

(3) February 20th  to 22nd , 2015. IIT(Guwahati), “ Mathematics teaching:                    Pedagogy and Practise”.

(4). March 13th and 14th, 2015. Assam kaziranga University, Jorhat, “Data Quality, Predictive Analytics and Business Decision Making”, jointly organised by ISI, Calcutta.

(5). June 27th  to 30th, 2015. Tripura University, Agartala, “North-East Summer Workshop in Analysis and Probability”, jointly organised by ISI, Bangalore.

(6). May 20th to 29th, 2016. IGNOU, Jorhat Regional Centre,  Extended Contact programme for PGDHE.

(7). July 25th to 30th July, 2016. Influence of Ramanujan in Number Theory, Tezpur University, (Global Initiative of Academic Networks).


Webinar attended:   

            (1).  5th September 2020–“Trasformimg The Future Eduaction-The Rule of Teacher, Students and Parent”  organised by Lead India Foundation

            (2). 8th September 2020-“Ít Takes a Village to Remove Arsenic and Fluride From Drinking Water” organised by Birjhora Mahavidyalaya, Bongaigaon

            (3). 10th September, 2020- ‘Coping with Depression and Suicide Prevention in Covid Scenario’ organised by  Gurucharan College, Silchar

            (4). 16th September 2020- “Mathematical Applications in Human Cognition and Neuroscience” organised by Don Bosco University, Assam

            (5). 12th September 2020—“National Education Policy 2020, Its Features and Challenges” Organised by Nazira College, Sibsagar.

            (6). 20th October, 2020—“Engineering Mathematics and Its Application in Real Life” Organised by Jabalpur Engineering College, Jabalpur, MP

            (7). 23rd  August, 2020—“New Education Policy-2020” Organised by Ajmal Foundation, Hojai

            (8). 27th August, 2020—“ The Story and History of Pi, a mathematical Constant” Organised by Golaghat Commerce College, Golaghat.

            (9). 22nd August, 2020—“Environmental History and Assam” Organised by Majuli College, Majuli.

            (10). 31st August, 2020—“Effective Methods of Developing Skills and Certificates During and Post Pandemic” Organised by Barama College, Barama.

            (11) 30th August, 2020—“National Webinar on Mathematics” Organised by Nagaon College, Nagaon.


Research paper published:

(1). “Two theta function identities of Ramanujan and representation of a number as a            sum of three squares and as a sum of three triangular numbers”, Integers, #A40, 11 pp. 2012, with Prof. N.D.Deka Barua, Tezpur University.

(2). “Colored partition identities conjectured by Sandon and Zanello”, The Ramanujan Journal, DOI 10.1007/s11139-014-9567-6, 55 pp, with Prof. N.D.Deka Barua, Tezpur University.

(3). “Partition Identities Arising from Ramanujan’s Formulas for Multipliers”, The Ramanujan Journal, DOI 10.1007/s11139-015-9723-7, 25 pp, with Prof. N.D.Deka Barua, Tezpur University.

(4) “New Proof of  Some Arithmetic Properties of 4-Core” Published In IJRAR ( www.ijrar.org ) January 2019, Volume 6, Issue 1.


Other Activity:

(1). Secretary, “Assam Academy of Mathematics”, Bokakhat Branch, 2014 to 2018

(2). Assistant Secretary, “Ayuskar”, a leading socio-cultural organisation of        Bokakhat, Golaghat.

(3). President, “Career Care”, an Educational NGO, Bokakhat, Golaghat.

(4). Advisor, “Sangskar, Balya Sadan”, a Youth Organisation, Kamargaon, Golaghat.

 (5). Executive member, “Assam Academy of Mathematics”, Central Committee. 2015–2017

(6). Executive member, “Consumer Forum, Bokakhat”.

(7). President, Bokakhat Chess Academy.

(8). Vice president, Golaghat District Chess Association.

(9). In charge, Static Surveillance Team as EM, from 27th Feb to 27th March, 2021, 93 Bokakhat LAC


Extra  Activity:

            Attended as Resource Person in the following School / Mathematics Workshops..

            (1). 16th Feb, 2015. At Kamargaon Girls High School.

            (2). 30th May, 2015. At Kaziranga High School.

            (3). 06th June, 2015. At Bankual High School.

            (4). 26th July, 2015. At Silpi Aideu Handique School, Kamargaon.

            (5). 29th July, 2015. At Sankardev sishu Niketon, Bangaon.

            (6). 22nd August, 2015. At Sankardev sishu Niketon, Kaziranga.

            (7). 30th October, 2015. At Sankardev sishu Niketon, Telgorom.

            (8). 20th February, 2016. Resource person, Annual meet, Kuruabahi Kendra Prathomik Sikshok Sanmiloni.

            (9). 2nd July, 2016. Resource person, Teachers Training, Jatio Bidyalaya, Bokakhat.

            (10). 15th July, 2016. At Sola High School, Bongaon, School summer workshop, organized by “Prakiti Bandhu”.

            (11). 16th July, 2016. At Sankardev sishu Niketon, Kaziranga, School summer workshop.

            (12). 11th December, 2016. At Kamargaon College, DLed training.

            (13). 14th May, 2017. At CNB College, Matheletics Nursing camp, organised by AAM, Bokakhat branch.

            (14). 18th August, 2018. At Bokakhat H.S.School, Grooming and Mentoring of students Programme.

            (15).8th May, 2019. Quiz Master, Gormur Bihutoli

            (16). 24th May, 2019. At Kaziranga Shisu Niketon

            (17). 12th July, 2019. At Bokakhat H.S.School, Grooming and Mentoring of students Programme.

            (18). 13th July, 2019. TET training, Rajabari.

            (19). 28th July, 2019. SSN, Bongaon

            (20). 4th August, 2019. URON

            (21). 15th September, 2019 URON

            (22). 10th January, 2020 As Evaluator, Water Fowl Census, 2020, KNP.

            (23). 19th January, 2020, URON

            (24). 20th January, 2020, At Bokakhat Girls’ High School, Organised by Career Care

            (25). 25th January, 2020, Judge, Extempore Speech competition, organised by SDO(C), Bokakhat.

            (26). 8th March, 2020, URON

            (27). 10th February, 2021. At Kuruabahi HS School, Talk on “Fun with Numbers”

            (28). From 15th March to 19th March, 2021. At Sankardev Sishu Niketon Kaziranga(Kohora).

            (29). 21st June, 2021, Boruah Kachupathar and Chola High School

            (30).  11th Febuary, 2022, Krsito Jyoti High Schhol, Bokakhat

            (31). 3rd April, 2022  VKV, Golaghat

            (32). 7th and 8th May, 2022. Enumerator Swamp Deer at Kaziranga National Park.

            (33). 24th , 25th, 26th May, 2022 As External Evaluator, Gunutsav, Govt of Assam.

            (34). 2nd June, SankarDev Shishu Niketon, Kohora

            (35). 10th June. Nahorjan High School, Bokakhat.

            (36). 25th June, 2022 Kuruabahi Higher Secondary School

            (37). 29th June, 2022 Rajabari High School

            (37). 10th July, 2022 Panidihingia School, Kamargaon

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