Disciplinary Code

The following activities of the students in the College will be treated as serious offences and disciplinary action will be taken if any student violates the rules of the college. In case of any offence caused by a student, the Disciplinary Action Committee’s decision is final in all such matter :
i) Encouraging and involvement in ragging of any type. Ragging is now prohibited by law as well. FIR will be lodged in Police Station in this sphere.
ii) Forcible disruption of Classes.
iii) Destruction of college properties like desk-benches, chairs, walls, doors and windows,electrical appliances, sports goods etc.
iv) Misbehaviors shown towards the members of the College family.
v) Use of drugs, narcotics, and smoking in the academic atmosphere of the campus.
vi) Tearing of pages of library books etc.
vii) Any kind of activities detrimental to the academic atmosphere of the campus.
viii) Roaming the corridor during off period is prohibited.
ix) Every student must have his/her identity card while in the college.
x) Spitting inside the class rooms, writing on the desks or on the walls are also strictly prohibited.
xi) Scooters, Motor cycles and Bicycles are to be parked in allotted places. The college authority will not be responsible for loss of these conveyances.
xii) Students should make it a practice to peep at clllege notice board. The college authority will not be responsible if any student suffers for not following the orders displayed in the notice board as well as college website: www.cnbcollege.in.
xiii) The male student must not enter the girls common room without the prior permission of the principal, Similarly, girl students are also not allowed to enter the Boys Common Room.
xiv) Use of any form of Gutka and Pan Masala in the college campus is strictly prohibited. Spitting inside the class room as well as on Room wall will lead to expulsion from the college without considering any excuse.
xv) Using mobile phones in the college campus and classroom is strictly prohibitted during the study hour except Library. In the Library the strudents can avail the facilities of internet via Wi-fi.


i) A student who has less than 80% attendance shall not be permitted to sit for End Semester examination in the course in which the shortfall exists. Provided that it shall be open to the University to grant exemption to a student who has attended a minimum of 70% classes but failed to obtain the prescribed 80% attendance for valid reasons on recommendation of the Head/Director/Coordinator of the Department/Centre on Payment of a prescribed fee(s).
ii) The Principal of the College/institute with recommendation of the Head of the Departments shall announce the names of all students who shall not be eligible to appear in the End semester examinations in the various courses due to non fulfillment of the criteria of internal assessment and attendance, and send a copy of the same to the University. In such cases the student shall have to re-enroll in the relevant course(s) with the next batch.