Department of Physics

Physics is a branch of science dealing with the nature and natural phenomena. The world around us contains diverse physical phenomena. But all then takes place according to some basic laws. Physicist attempt reveal these laws and their manifestation in different physical phenomena involving matter and energy and their inter conversion.Physics is the most basic of all sciences. Other branches of science such as biological science, medical science, astronomy etc. have developed standing on its shoulder. Physics has two domains of interest-macroscopic and microscopic. The macroscopic domain deals with the phenomena at terrestrial and astronomical scales. Classical physics, which includes the study of mechanics, waves, thermodynamics, optics and electromagnetism mainly deals with it. The microscopic domain includes the sub-microscopic particles. The quantum theory handles it. The scope of physics is quite vast. The study of physics is exciting too. Excitement comes from the challenge in carrying out the experiments to unlock the secrets in nature. Application and exploitation of physical laws to make useful devices also make the study of physics exciting.

In this respect, exact physical measurements are of great importance to science in general and to physics in particular. Then it is essential to know, at the outset what to measure and how to measure.

Due to the lack of science studies within a long distance form Dergaon to Kaliabor & the necessity to provide students the above mentioned scope. The CNB college introduce physics as a major subject. The CNB College has a well equipped laboratory & this help the students to explore the various field of Physics. It is expected that the physics department of our college contribution to the Human Resource Development.