Dr. Bidyut Boruah

Dr. Bidyut Boruah, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Specialisation: Ramanujan’s Number theory

Phone No. and Email ID:

+919435235079, +918486058652

bboruahbkt@gmail.com, bidyut_boruah@yahoo.co.in

Date of Joining: 11.01.2000


(1). 1st Class 3rd  position in B.Sc under Dibrugarh University, 1997.

(2). 1st Class 2nd position in M.Sc. under Tezpur University, 1999.

Ph.D.:  June, 2014. Thesis Title- “Arithmetic Identities of the Co-efficients of  Some ThetaFunctions and Colored Partition  Identities”, under Tezpur University.



Workshop attended:

(1). February 9th to 11th, 1999, Tezpur University, “Introductory Image Processing and Astronomical Applications”, IUCAA, Pune.

(2). August 2nd and 3rd, 2002, Dibrugarh University, “Quality Improvement trough Self-Study, Assessment and Accreditation”, NAAC, Pune.

(3) February 20th  to 22nd , 2015. IIT(Guwahati), “ Mathematics teaching:                    Pedagogy and Practise”.

(4). March 13th and 14th, 2015. Assam kaziranga University, Jorhat, “Data Quality, Predictive Analytics and Business Decision Making”, jointly organised by ISI, Calcutta.

(5). June 27th  to 30th, 2015. Tripura University, Agartala, “North-East Summer Workshop in Analysis and Probability”, jointly organised by ISI, Bangalore.

(6). May 20th to 29th, 2016. IGNOU, Jorhat Regional Centre,  Extended Contact programme for PGDHE.

(7). July 25th to 30th July, 2016. Influence of Ramanujan in Number Theory, Tezpur University, (Global Initiative of Academic Networks).

Seminar Attended: No

RC, OC attended: No



(1). “Two theta function identities of Ramanujan and representation of a number as a            sum of three squares and as a sum of three triangular numbers”, Integers, #A40, 11 pp. 2012, with Prof. N.D.Deka Barua, Tezpur University.

(2). “Colored partition identities conjectured by Sandon and Zanello”, The Ramanujan Journal, DOI 10.1007/s11139-014-9567-6, 55 pp, with Prof. N.D.Deka Barua, Tezpur University.

(3). “Partition Identities Arising from Ramanujan’s Formulas for Multipliers”, The Ramanujan Journal, DOI 10.1007/s11139-015-9723-7, 25 pp, with Prof. N.D.Deka Barua, Tezpur University.





(1). Secretary, “Assam Academy of Mathematics”, Bokakhat Branch

(2). Assistant Secretary, “Ayuskar”, a leading socio-cultural organisation of        Bokakhat, Golaghat.

(3). Executive member, “Career Care”, an Educational NGO, Bokakhat, Golaghat.

(4). Advisor, “Sangskar, Balya Sadan”, a Youth Organisation, Kamargaon, Golaghat.

in Junior Event

(5). Executive member, “Assam Academy of Mathematics”, Central Committee.

(6). Executive member, “Consumer Forum, Bokakhat”.

(7). Life Member, “The Association of Mathematics Teachers of India, Chennai.”



Attended as Resource Person in the following School / Mathematics Workshops..

(1). 16th Feb, 2015. At Kamargaon Girls High School.

(2). 30th May, 2015. At Kaziranga High School.

(3). 06th June, 2015. At Bankual High School.

(4). 26th July, 2015. At Silpi Aideu Handique School, Kamargaon.

(5). 29th July, 2015. At Sankardev sishu Niketon, Bangaon.

(6). 22nd August, 2015. At Sankardev sishu Niketon, Kaziranga.

(7). 30th October, 2015. At Sankardev sishu Niketon, Telgorom.

(8). 20th February, 2016. Resource person, Annual meet, Kuruabahi Kendra Prathomik Sikshok Sanmiloni.

(9). 2nd July, 2016. Resource person, Teachers Training, Jatio Bidyalaya, Bokakhat.

(10). 15th July, 2016. At Sola High School, Bongaon, School summer workshop, organized by “Prakiti Bandhu”.

(11). 16th July, 2016. At Sankardev sishu Niketon, Kaziranga, School summer workshop.

(12). 11th December, 2016. At Kamargaon College, DLed training.