Education tour to college of Fisheries, AAU, Raha-Assam

CNB College, Bokakhat,

28th March 2023: A team of 25 numbers of students from Sixth Semester of Department of Zoology visit the College of Fisheries, AAU, Raha-Assam today along with teacher in-charge. Mr Sonjib Borah, HoD, Department of Zoology, Dr Dilip Borah and Mr Phalgun Chetia, Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology take part in the tour. The team visit the college to observe the Pisciculture practice and Fish Farming teachniques. Mrs Kakoli Kashyap, Assistant Professor, Department of FEES, CFSC, ASU-Raha co-ordinates the team to visit the seven departments of the college. The Dean i/c Bimal Kalita of the college of Fisheries, AAU-Raha-Assam delivers a talk about the Fishery College, its courses, fishery prospects, research scopes etc. In addition Mr Sangiprank Baishya, Assistant Professor, Department of Aquaculture of the college presents a valuable talk on breeding of Indian major carps by induced methods along with hatchery management techniques. An interactive session is also held during the visit and the students visit several fish ponds managed by the college of Fisheries. Mr Dhiren Nath, Farm Manager provides a valuable insight during the visit to the fish ponds and piggery shelters. Mr Anjan Jyoti saikia, Research Assistant FEES College of Fisheries, AAU, Raha also assists the group.