Awareness Program on Effect of Fluoride contaminated Water on Human Health at Tekelangjun Higher Secondary School, Baghpani, Karbi-Anlong

On 23rd December 2022, a trip was organized by the department of Chemistry, Chandra Nath bezboruah College, Bokakhat, under the co-ordination of Assistant Professor Dr Champa Gogoi and Assistant Professor Mr Manas Jyoti Gogoi. 26 students along with these teachers went to Tekelangjun Higher Secondary School, Baghpani, Karbi-Anlong, with an aim to spread awareness on the effect of Fluoride contaminated water on human health. The objective of the trip is to check the amount of fluoride by collecting water samples from the village area.

A meeting was held to give a presentation by Dr Champa Gogoi on the effect of fluoride contaminated water. She also explain the causes of fluoride contamination, existing cheap and effective method for the removal of fluoride, adverse health effect and give advice to take healthy food. In this program, Principal Mr Jivan Chandra Bhuyan of  Tekelangjun Higher Secondary School, Principal Mr Raju Ronghang of Wellborn English School, Principal Mr Rotim Rongpi of Rising Sun English School, Mr Dhoni Tokbi, Mondal, Phuloni Revenue Circle, Mr Sukursing Teron, Ex President, Governing Body of Tekelangjun Higher Secondary School, Gaon Buras of near three villages along with the  teachers and many local people of the village are also present. Under the guidance of Dhoni Tokbi, the team of Chandra Nath bezboruah College visited the house of the villagers and collected their household water to assess the quality mainly the amount of fluoride present in water. During the survey the students met the people those who had adverse effect on teeth and bone due to fluoride contaminated water.