Freshers’ Social, 2023

CNB College, Bokakhat,

Bokakhat, 19th August 2023: CNB College has performed the Freshmen Social Day on 19th August 2023 by a day long programme. In this context a formal meeting was held at Room No. 04, conducted by chairperson Dr Surajit Dutta and coordinated by Dr Dilip Borah.

The special guest of the meeting was Mr Sarat Dutta (Founder and Retired Principal, CNB College, Bokakhat) as well as Governing Body President Dr Babulal More also present here. According the agenda chairperson forwarded welcome address and a talk. After that special guest gave a talk, in the context of duties and principle, vision etc. of the students. In his talk he also says about “Lord Shankardeva” to correlate the scientific views of the societies. Another teachers Mr B.B. Saikia, Mr S. Borah also forwarded valuable talk. Madam Dr Madhulika Dutta also forwarded a valuable talk on sentiments and tempers related to CNB College, Bokakhat past, present and future.

In this meeting a best freshers was felicitated which was selected the observing students activities by informal students interactions through observers Mr A.S. Hazarika, Dr A.F Rahman and by Mr P. Chetia. The Best Freshers was Ms Swaswoti Das, a B.Sc. 1st Semester, Zoology Major 2023. The meeting was ended by declaration of chairperson as well as performing the state anthem of Assam ‘O Mur Apunar Desh’.