National Science Day 2024 is observed at CNB College, Bokakhat

Bokakhat, 28th February:

Today, a day long programme has been organised to observe the National Science Day 2024 at CNB College, Bokakhat. On the occasion, an awareness programme is organised by the IQAC of the college at the video conference hall. Dr Bipanchi Bhuyan, a Physician of Shahid Kushal Konwar Civil Hospital, Golaghat addresses the students as a resource person on the topic ‘Common Pathological Conditions and Care of Human vs Indigenous Approaches’.

Sri Nayan Ranjan Sarmah, a student of the Department of Physics also delivers a speech on the topic ‘Indigenous Technology for Biksit Bharat’, which is the theme that highlights the country’s commitment to promoting home-grown technological solutions for societal well-being. He also focus on the dream of the Honourable Prime Minister Sjt. Narendra Modi, about the Indigenous technologies, innovations and solutions that are developed locally, taking into account the specific needs and challenges of a region or country. 

An essay competition was also conducted on 26th February 2024 on the occasion of National Science Day 2024. The topic of the essay was the theme of National Science Day 2024.

Nayan Ranjan Sarmah, a student of B.Sc. 6th Semester, Department of Physics, achieved 1st prize in the essay writing competition. Accordingly, Sri Krishankur Kashyap, 2nd Semester, Deprtment of Mathematics achieved 2nd Prize, Ms Aaimee Saikia, 2nd Semester, Deprtment of Chemistry achieved 3rd Prize and Ms Kumal Kunhi Kashyap, 2nd Semester, Department of Zoology achieved 4th Prize in the competition as well. The prizes of the competition are distributed to the achievers in the awareness meeting.

Along with the awareness programme, a blood donation camp has also organised by the NSS Unit and IQAC in collaboration with the Blood Centre of Shahid Kushal Konwar Civil Hospital, Golaghat. Total 30 Unit blood has been donated by the students and staff of the college.